Tiles add a nice touch to various areas of your home. Kitchens are enhanced by the look of tiles as are bathrooms and there are so many styles to choose from, each lending its own subtle (and sometimes dramatic) finish. While tiles look great, depending on which style you choose, they can be pretty expensive to install. Homeowners that choose to tile any part of their home usually feel that doing so is a considerable investment. Unfortunately, the areas most people choose to tile, like kitchens, floors and bathrooms, are high traffic areas of their home and tiles fracture, get displaced, lose their sheen and get generally worn down over time. While replacing them altogether is an option, it is very expensive and compounds the initial price of the tiles. Instead, people often look into tile refinishing as an option to keep their tiles pristine without having to purchase brand new ones.


Tile Refinishing


Bathroom tiles normally experience the most damage from moisture and mildew build up with regular use of the shower and sink. Wall and floor tiles gradually absorb the moisture from every shower and become discolored, building grout and unsightly residue between them. Cleaning them with solvents and abrasives can also wear down their finish over time. Regular use can lead to cracks and fractures, further damaging the tiles. Tile refinishing is a great economical option to restore bathroom tiles to near-new condition. Depending on the condition of your tiles, the process often involves buffering the tiles to remove stains, etching the cracks, filing in fractures to remove imperfections and reglazing them with a finish that bonds to the original tiles to restore sheen. Tile refinishing is quicker and much more cost-effective than replacing your tiles with a new set.


The kitchen is another high traffic area of the home that can benefit from tile refinishing. Whether your tiles are on the wall, floors or both, if you frequently cook, chances are your tiles will need some attention over time. Evaporated water and oil from the stove, combined with food spills and normal kitchen activity, contribute to the deterioration of kitchen tiles over time. They may become stained, scuffed and chipped. Nothing looks worse than an unkempt kitchen and old, dirty tiles can make and otherwise clean kitchen look messy. With all the money homeowners invest into their kitchens by way of new appliances, gadgets and cabinetry, re-tiling sometimes gets pushed to the back burner due to the costs associated with replacing old tiles completely. Luckily, tile refinishing is an option that doesn’t cost as much and can make a big difference in the appearance of your kitchen tiles. Additionally, many companies offer color refinishing if you’re in the market to change the color of your kitchen tiles altogether for a new, fresh look.


While new tiles look great and are a definite upgrade to any kitchen, bathroom or other area of your home, it does come with a hefty price tag and involves a time commitment. Normal, day-to-day life takes a toll on tiles over time. Opting for tile refinishing is a viable compromise that delivers beautiful results without the need to fully replace old tiles.