Bath Tubs and Tub-Shower Combination Units are Usually Made of Four Basic Materials.

A popular combination is steel coated with porcelain and the most expensive is a cast iron fixture coated with enamel.  Everything in the middle falls into two categories, either a heat-molded acrylic coated in fiberglass or a pure fiberglass mold coated in gel. The acrylic option is more durable but often much more expensive and many tub and tub-shower units are made up entirely of fiberglass.

 Fiberglass Refinishing

Fiberglass is the Aaterial of Choice for Tub and Shower Units Because it is Flexible, Easy to Mold and Lightweight.

The downside to units made from this material is that fiberglass fixtures last about 10 to 15 years before they begin to discolor and crack from regular use because they aren’t as resilient to oxidation as other materials like acrylic and porcelain. Luckily, fiberglass refinishing is an easy, cost-effective solution that can refresh the look of your tub or shower without the need of a full replacement.


Showers and tubs that begin to yellow in color are not only unsightly but may pose hygienic problems.  When the gel coat on fiberglass fixtures begins to wear off, moisture can seep into the shell of the fixture and contribute to the growth of mold and other residue.  Instead of ripping the whole thing out of the wall, many people choose to repair their fixtures by turning to fiberglass resurfacing. The biggest benefit to refinishing, besides being less costly than a full replacement, is that you do not have to remove the fixture entirely to repair the damage.


The Resurfacing Process is Pretty Simple and Delivers Outstanding Results.

First, the fixtures are cleaned and sanded to remove remnants uneven of the existing coating. Once the surface is prepped, cracks are repaired and patched before a bonding agent is applied to assist with the adherence of the refinishing glaze. A coat of durable gel coat is then applied and the fixture appears almost brand new.


When you resurface your tub-shower unit, you also have the option of applying an anti-slip texture to the bottom of the tub or shower. This feature minimizes accidents in the shower, especially if there are young and old members in your household. While removable mats are available in stores, applying this layer directly to the bottom of the tub or shower saves money in the long run as mats become dirty and discolored over time and need replacement.


Additionally, there is no need to purchase a whole new fixture if your main goal is to change things aesthetically. Fiberglass reglazing is available in a variety of colors and finishes. While most people choose a white or ivory tub-shower combination, if you’ve got a quirky hankering for a red shower, you don’t need to purchase a new unit and can request to have your current unit reglazed with a red hue. In the alternative, if you have a red shower that has lost its appeal, you can reglaze it in a more subtly colored coating.