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Showers and Bathtubs

If you are looking for professional reglazing, it is important that you choose a company that you can trust. When searching for a reliable company, you want to find a company that has each experience, knowledge, and work samples to show. Good as New offers all of this and plenty more. With professional, knowledgeable staff, affordable prices, and service areas throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, Good as New is number one for all of your refinishing and repairing needs.

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Whether you need the tiles repaired on your bathroom walls, showers, countertops, vanities, or floors, tile refinishing may be the answer you are looking for. With refinishing, you can quickly and easily take old or damaged tiles and transform them to look like new. While you could always have your tiles replaced, refinishing is a much more cost-effective option that only takes a few hours to do. Regardless of which route you choose to go (new tiles or refinished tiles), the results will be the same – beautiful, smooth, flawless tiles that will brighten up the look of your room. So why choose tile refinishing? Let’s take a look.


Whether you are just getting tired of looking at that old, dirty sink or you are looking to sell your house, a sink refinishing job can definitely change the entire look of your bathroom. When refinishing your sink, you have two options; do-it-yourself or hire a professional. Let’s take a look at the process of sink repair to help you determine whether it is something you want to take on yourself, or something you would rather leave to the professionals.


If you are noticing that your countertops are beginning to deteriorate, it may be time to have them refinished. Countertop refinishing is an affordable alternative to replacement and offers a durable product with a ‘new’ finished look. All refinishing projects should be completed within only one day, and any lingering chemical smells are expected to disappear within 24 hours.

Fiberglass Tubs and Showers

When your bathtub becomes outdated, dirty, or otherwise damaged, it is probably time to have it repaired. The process of fiberglass tub repair, however, is one that involves the use of several dangerous chemicals. Thus, it is always recommended that, if you are not familiar with the process, you have a professional do it for you. Let’s take a look at the process of refinishing, as well as what you can do to prepare your bathtub before the professional arrives at your house.

When it is time for repair versus reglazing?

If you are noticing any chips, cracks, or holes in your bathtub, it may be time to have it repaired. These chips, cracks, or holes may be tiny or large. In general, however, it is recommended that you repair damages while they are small. The smaller the problem, the easier it will be to fix. If you leave it until it becomes even more damaged, it may become unrepairable, and will ultimately end up costing you more as you will have to have it completely replaced.

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